Domaine trapet in Alsace ?

You can’t reinvent your identity

When Burgundy grape grower meets Alsatian grape grower, an only daughter with a profound affection for her local soil, they feel a primitive, uncontainable duty to draw attention to the vines that tell the secrets of their native soil, a duty that ultimately becomes a passion.

Men come and go, the soil remains, we are merely passing…

We originally felt this urge out of duty and respect for generations of Alsatian grape growers before us (Jean-Pierre and Hélène Grayer, our Great grandparents Pontius). Duty then turned into passion, a passion for the vines of Alsace, and we became determined to make them the closest possible reflection of their homeland.

Finally, it became a pleasure, a pleasure to work with a soil so rich in history and culture, a soil so rich in meaning and emotion, a soil with a strong, steadfast personality, and our ambition for Alsace wines to be signed by Trapet was born.


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