Les Latricières

The little marvels

There are soils which are venerated in the domain
The Latricières are part of them. Magnificiently exposed, these ” little marvels ” offer the most noble and subtle essences to the fruit of our vines.

Let us go over the history of this Great Vintage, a close cousin of Chambertin. So close, in fact, that it is only quoted for the first time in 1508. At this time, the Latricières were surely confused with their royal neighbour : Chambertin.
The etymology is quite mysterious : for some, undoubtably poets, the origine is frank and means ” little marvel ” ; for others, more realistic and undoubtably more observing, it is the very nature of the soil which affords it the name ” La Tricière “, poor earth.
This poor soil can be observed during transplatation in summer. The calcareous clay leaves behind a fine layer of silica on the surface. This fine stratum comes from the nearby Grissard coomb.
What pride and what emotion we feel working this land which we have the honour of being guardians since 1904 !
This year was particularly rich in happy events : first of all, there was the birth of Louis on 1st January, and then the acquisition of 35 Latricière plots belonging to the Savot family by Pierre Arthur Trapet and finally the dawning of a new millenium of which we still bear precious witness.

Latricières 1904, the vigour of men’s work, memory of our family, so dense, so powerful, but also so fragile that it makes us believe in immortality.

Latricières-Chambertin domaine TRAPET
75 ares, 1 parcelle
oldest vine planted in 1938


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