Le Chambertin



” Chambertin ” ! The name is charged with prestige. The place is one of the most noble in existence. This active and lively nobility revives the miracle of the nature each summer under the sun.
Gaston Roupnel.

This miracle of nature, which Arthur Trapet sensed one fine morning in May 1919, when he decided to buy his first parcel of Chambertin land, and of which we are eager to be worthy.Day after day, season after season, we strive to bring vitality to this royal land.
This area has moreover ensured the longest reign in history. Its fisrt evocation dates from 630, when the Duke Amalgaire made a gift of his elite vineyard to the monks of the Abbey of Bèze. Then, later, in 1219, the Abbey of Bèze, situated to the north-east of Dijon, gave over its domain to the chapter of the St. Mammes cathedral in Langres. It was at this time that the reference ” boschus de campo Bertuyn ” appeared, a Chambertin wood just next to the Bèze vineyard. It was then a plot owned by a certainnamed Bertin. During the following centuries, many owners would shape the face of this marvellous land. ” Men come and go but the land remains “.
This magnificient land, from which the blue blood of Pinot Noir flows, has a complex geological composition. The base consists of calcareous clay with superb internal large surface clays. The upper part is much whiter and clayish, which consequently slows down the vegetative cycle and confers a royal and rare equilibrium on this jewel of a wine !

This Chambertin wine opens up an infinite, unlimited, elusive universe of the richest kind

Chambertin domaine TRAPET
1 ha 90 ares, 3 parcels
oldest vine planted in 1919


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