Ox Auxerrois


The Auxerrois is a white grape native to Lorraine that also likes Alsace and the Loire Valley where its expansion began in 1950. Its name comes from the nurseries of Auxerre where it found shelter during World War II. Often called “Pinot Auxerrois”, it is part of the Moselle, Alsace, and Côtes-de-Toul AOC vineyards. It is also used making Crémant d’Alsace.

Auxerrois must not be confused with Cot or Malbec, which are red varieties from the Cahors region and may have the same name. The Auxerrois bunches are of medium size with small berries. It is a semi-late varietal whose buds only come out when temperatures are well above 10°C.

The essential qualities of wines from the Auxerrois are sophistication, acidity and subtle aromas of exotic fruit, white fruits and flowers. In France, they represent 1,600 hectares of production and there are also a few small parcels of Auxerrois in Luxembourg, Germany, Canada and South Africa (2,300 hectares in total). (source: Le Figaro vin)

Gault et Millau – Ox Auxerrois 2007 :
This wine is a mystery, with its powerful fruitiness, its spices, its candied accents, its haughty demeanour and yet, it keeps a certain density of matter. Magic conjured into a glass of wine..

Area of  70 ha
Production of 6000 bottles



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